Blackstrap Molasses Benefits

Molasses is a sweetener, but unlike many sweeteners it is good for you.  Refined white sugar and even corn syrup are stripped of pretty much all the nutrients when it is made, except for things like the simple carbohydrates and the artificial sweeteners like aspartame and saccharine, which really don’t provide any type of useful nutrients.  Saccharine and aspartame are shown to cause health problems for people who are sensitive.  Blackstrap molasses benefits, on the other hand, include the fact that it is a healthy sweetener and contains significant amounts of different minerals that are great for promoting good health.

Blackstrap molasses is also good in increasing energy because it is a good source of iron.  This can be very helpful when it comes to women who are menstruating and may have problems with iron deficiency during this time.  This type of molasses can provide more iron in fewer calories and is completely fat-free.  Iron is part of the hemoglobin, which is what helps transport oxygen from the lungs to body cells.  It is also an important part of the enzyme system when it comes to metabolism and energy production.

Another health benefit of Blackstrap molasses is the good source of calcium that it provides.  Calcium comes in handing for forming and maintaining strong bones and even teeth.  With the help of calcium it helps bind and remove toxins from things like the colon, which may  help reduce colon cancer.  It is also believed to help with preventing migraine attacks.

Potassium also plays an important role with the muscle contraction and even the nerve transmission.  Potassium is really important for athletes as it helps with the storage of carbohydrates, which is what the muscles use for fuel.  Muscles can get weak if there is not enough potassium in the body, which means that athletes can get tired easier.

Not only is blackstrap molasses a great source of copper, manganese, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium, it is also a good source of vitamin B6.  Another benefit of molasses it the help it provides when it comes to Anemia.  When people have a good level of iron, they will have a higher energy level.  It can also help with easing menopause symptoms.  This is because it does help with symptoms like cramping, mood swings, PMS and even hot flashes.  It has also been known to help reduce the size of the fibroid tumors.

Some other areas that blackstrap molasses seems to help with is constipation, anxiety, heart palpitations, arthritic pain and to turn gray hair back to the original color.

Knowing some of the health benefits of the blackstrap molasses can help people either use it in their cooking or look for it as one of the ingredients when it comes to food they buy.

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8 Responses to Blackstrap Molasses Benefits

  1. mary says:

    Just wondering if diabetics can take it?

  2. zahida. Hasham. says:

    I have benifited greatly from taking mollases. I had low iron in my body had no energy and had low concentration.

  3. Kim says:

    Yes it is a sweetener that diabetics can use as it will
    not spike your sugar levels, it is nutritious as well.
    Othe sugars that diabetics need not fear are
    barley malt ( delicious) and rice syrup ( very tasty but also
    extremely quick to harden,) so difficult to work with.
    Seek ( educated) homeopath for treatment
    acupressure is helpful to take pressure of your organs.

  4. Francine Tussey (Pennsylvania) says:

    If I wanted to take unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses every night, How much should I take?

  5. Lois says:

    My Uncle who is diabetic and was diagnosed with colon cancer has been taking Black strap Molasses for over 20 year without any adverse side effects. He started taking the Blackstrap Molasses after he had surgery to remove the cancer in his colon. He took the blackstrap instead of participating in chemotherapy and has not had any reoccurrence of cancer to this day.

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