Is Molasses Good for You?

Is Molasses really good for you?  One thing to remember that everything in moderation will not be bad for you, but that is the thing to remember, moderation.  Molasses nutrition does offer  many different things that are good for a person like iron, calcium and even magnesium.  Also consider that the darker the molasses is the healthier it is because of the fact it contains less sugar and the most nutrients.

Most sugars are stripped of so many of the nutrients that were originally part of it.  This is usually because of the processing that takes place.  When you use blackstrap molasses you are getting a natural sweetener that is healthy because of the high levels of minerals that it provides a person.

Molasses is one way to get iron into the human system.  This is great for those who are either iron deficient or it can provide an extra boost of iron for women who are menstruating.  Molasses can help provide the body with approximately 13.3% of the iron that anyone needs.  It is also important for children to make sure they get plenty of iron in their body as well.

Molasses can also help with providing the body with some calcium.  Calcium is important for the body; it is what helps the body function.  Without calcium bones and teeth cannot grow strong, which is important not only for young children, but also those who are further along in years.

Molasses is a great way to help naturally energize the body.  Many times we look for ways to keep energized and we go about it all the wrong ways.  Molasses is one of the great ways to do that in a way that won’t hurt the body as bad as other ways that energizers might.

Magnesium is also important for the body.  It helps with the bones along with calcium.  It also helps you with your energy level.  When someone has lower amounts of magnesium in their body, they have a higher chance of things like high blood pressure, migraines, muscle cramps and even fatigue.

But it is also important to make sure that you are taking a moderate amount of molasses in your diet.  Even though it is natural and healthier than other types of sugar, it is important to make sure that it is in moderation.  Without moderation, you can potential get too much of something that can eventually harm you.  It still does contain sugar in it, which if too much is taken in, can still be bad for a person.

If you are looking for some of the healthiest molasses to use it would need to be unsulfured blackstrap molasses.

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  1. JAY says:

    where can i get unsulfured blackstrap molasses

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