Blackstrap Molasses Cures

When it comes to blackstrap molasses there are many different folk remedies and blackstrap molasses cures that people find to be effective.  Doing your homework and researching all the options can make all the difference in making sure the right one is used.

The difference between just plain ole molasses and the blackstrap molasses is which boiling it comes from.  Regular molasses comes from the first or second boiling of the cane sugar syrup.  Blackstrap comes from the third boiling, which causes the iron to increase by about 5%.

Some of the many different health conditions that there may be useful blackstrap molasses cures for include, but are not limited to:

  • Heart palpitations
  • edema
  • anxiety
  • constipation
  • joint pain
  • acne
  • arthritic pain
  • anemia
  • diabetes
  • fibroid tumors; and
  • Cancerous tumors

It has also been said that blackstrap molasses does wonders as a skin softener.  Another thing molasses is said to help is taking gray hair and turning it back to its original color.  It can also help with excessive bleeding.

Blackstrap molasses is also good because of its source of iron and the many minerals that it contains. If someone has cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, the chromium in the blackstrap molasses can help with that.  It also helps to balance and build the bloodstream, eliminate toxic conditions that may lead to high blood pressure.  The molasses can also help build strong blood plasma, which will in turn help the heart tissues.

It is a good laxative when mixed with warm water.  It is a natural way to help clean the body of toxins that are in the colon that can lead to appendicitis.   When it comes to acne, the acne will increase for a couple of weeks, but then it will decrease dramatically.

It is also said that for those who get iron build up due to using blackstrap molasses there can be side effects.  Some of these may include, but are not limited to; lowering of the sex drive, skin color can change, and joints may be painful.  To see if there is an overload of iron it is a simple blood test that can check the iron levels.

For those who have had hemorrhoids, blackstrap molasses can help out.  This is a natural way to take care of them and know that there aren’t any added chemicals.

It is suggested to take it first thing in the morning for best results and to mix it with hot water and milk or soymilk.  Then ice is added.  The blackstrap molasses can also be added to tea in place of sugar.  This particular recipe is what is suggested to help for any of the above problems.

The folk remedies are kind of like old wives tales.  So many times people wonder if they really work, but they do, if followed properly and with the advice of a doctor.  It may not be wise to just try something new without talking to a Doctor.  This is because people may not know what the interaction of these remedies will have with other medications or issues going on in the life of the person.

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