Black Strap Molasses

In the past, Black Strap Molasses was a staple in nearly every kitchen. While people in generations past knew it was a tasty addition to many recipes, they also knew about blackstrap molasses health benefits. Whether it was used as the key ingredient in molasses cookies, baked beans, or homemade baby formula, everything about molasses in Grandma’s era is equally relevant today.

First, it is an excellent source of iron. While many people cannot take iron supplements for a variety of reasons, there are no side effects to all-natural molasses. Although women and children need an iron-rich diet, everyone can benefit from the iron in molasses. No one in your family will have to take an iron supplement again. However, there is much more nutrition than iron in this natural product. It also adds calcium, copper, manganese, and magnesium to your diet. It is one food that supplies all of these nutrients you need every day. Adding it to your recipes and drinks is a good start to a balanced diet. In addition, if anyone in the family suffers from constipation, it makes a healthy, natural alternative to pharmaceutical preparations.

Second, blackstrap molasses benefits make it easy to stay healthy while dieting. If you want to lose weight, you do not want the extra calories from sugar and syrups. You will find you do not need to rely on artificial sweeteners that are not good for you. Instead, you can enjoy a serving of molasses in your drinks and favorite dishes, with less than half the calories of sugar. Equally important, it tastes great. Dieting does not need to mean feeling deprived, as everything you add molasses to will be absolutely delicious. From the sweet treats you recall from childhood to casseroles and tea, you will have an easy way to enjoy everything, yet with fewer calories.

Third, organic blackstrap molasses is great for organic gardening. If you have not yet tried molasses for plants, you may be surprised at how useful it is for this purpose. Plants need nutrients for good health and proper growth. As it contains carbohydrates and micronutrients, it is the perfect growth food for your plants. Whether you use it in your outdoor garden or an indoor plant, it will help them thrive. You never need to use toxic chemicals again.

After you try Black Strap Molasses, it will be obvious why households in the past always kept it on hand. Whether you want to add a new taste to the foods you prepare, have a dieting aid that is actually good for you, or care for plants organically, you need not look any further. Keep a bottle in your kitchen cabinet at all times, and everyone will benefit.

3 Responses to Black Strap Molasses

  1. Tiffannie Mays says:

    How much do I apply to my plants and how often?

    • admin says:

      Tiffannie, try using a tablespoon or two in each gallon of water. As for how often, I’m not really sure. But once a week would probably be safe.

  2. Ananda says:

    How much molasses can a baby eat per day? My baby is 11 months. Thank you!

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